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The New York Times on US water quality

From The New York Times

“Drinking water contains deadly microbes*, as well as compounds** found to cause cancer.

“The [Environmental Protection] Agency said that [by reducing these contaminants] hundreds of thousands of illnesses from bacterial pathogens would be avoided each year, with the potential to save hundreds of lives, and that the risks of bladder cancer and other illnesses resulting from the use of disinfectant chemicals would also be reduced.

“There is little controversy about contamination from microbes like cryptosporidium*.  The illnesses, while often unreported, can become serious or even fatal, especially in people whose immune systems are weakened.

“Chlorine and similar chemicals used to disinfect drinking water react with natural organic substances in the water to form byproducts** that have been found to cause cancer.”

 - December 4, 1998:

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Cryptosporidium and other cysts
** Trihalomethanes (THMs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

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