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Water Analysis

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The water quality report (the sample, or the one issued for your water) compares the actual test results to national standards as defined in the EPA's Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Regulations.

We use the same benchmarks in reports from around the country.  
What are you drinking?


Primary Standards: Are expressed as the maximum contaminant level (MCL) which is the highest level of contaminant that is allowed in drinking water. MCLs are enforceable standards.

Secondary standards: 
Are non-enforceable guidelines regulating contaminants that may cause cosmetic effects (such as skin or tooth discoloration) or aesthetic effects (such as taste, odor,or color) in drinking water. Individual states may choose to adopt them as enforceable standards. 


Action levels: Are defined in treatment techniques which are required processes intended to reduce the level of a contaminant in drinking water.

mg/L (ppm): 
Unless otherwise indicated, results and standards are expressed as an amount in milligrams per liter or parts per million.

Minimum Detection Level (MDL): The lowest level that the laboratory can detect a contaminant.

ND: The contaminant was not detected above the minimum detection level.
NA: The contaminant was not analyzed.

Additional comments included:

+ The contaminant was not detected in the sample above the minimum detection level.

+ The contaminant was detected at or above the minimum detection level, but below the standard.
+ The contaminant was detected above the standard, which is not an EPA enforceable MCL.
+ The contaminant was detected above the EPA enforceable MCL.



Information Center

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