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Water Testing: Collection Kit and Analysis

supplied by National Testing Labs

In cooperation with National Testing Labs, an independent water analysis laboratory, we provide the sample collection kit, water analysis, and interpretation of your test results, drawing on the context of hundreds of other tests conducted in related water conditions.

Collecting samples is easy - the kit comes with detailed instructions, and is packed ready to ship.  We will also be glad to guide you through the steps as well.  (Samples must be collected on a Monday – Thursday afternoon and generally should be overnight-shipped to the lab.)

The full analysis includes over 100 factors including total coliform, 
organic and inorganic chemicals, metals, physical factors, trihalomethanes and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

See a sample water analysis report (includes testing for pesticides, herbicides and PCBs).


Your water analysis includes, for each factor:

  • The Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) established by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Minimum Detection Level (sensitivity of the analysis equipment)
  • The Level Detected in your particular water sample

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Information about water quality and related topics.  Media articles and environmental perspectives. Water Quality Reports from around the US.

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Yankee Stadium

All water is filtered at the new Yankee Stadium. Eight Amiad® SAF6000 filters in parallel for 2000+ gpm.


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