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The SAF series - How it works

Advantages of SAF-series self-cleaning screen technology

AMIAD FILTRATION'S SAF series uses a highly developed screen technology to achieve high volume filtration in a compact system, with an electrically driven self-cleaning mechanism.  There are four models to cover a range of flow rates; these can further be manifolded in parallel configuration to achieve much greater capacities.  A selection of screens with filtration pore sizes ranging from 10 microns up to 800 is available, with inlet/outlet diameters from 2" to 10".

Water reaches the filtration screen through a protective "pre-screen" and then travels out in reverse direction.  As particles are collected on the filtration screen, pressure differential builds.  Self-cleaning - purging of accumulated material on the screen - is indicated after a pre-set PD value or elapsed time (whichever comes first).  A spiral-rotating suction scanner is then triggered, vacuuming the accumulated particulate matter and expelling it through the exhaust valve.  The flush cycle takes less than 30 seconds (see table), during which time filtered water supply is not interrupted.  The amount of water used per cycle is minimal.  A system servicing domestic water at point-of-entry for a NYC building typically flush cycles about 6 times a day.


Filtration Screen:  Amiad's proprietary four-layer "floating" screen technology creates a large effective filtration area, thus more effective particle capture, longer time between flush cycles, improved cleaning efficiency and, as a result, increased long-term durability.

Cleaning Mechanism:  The SAF suction scanner offers the highest back flush velocity of any such filter on the market, ensuring a 100% clean screen upon completion of the flush cycle.  The ability to reliably and completely self-clean is the essential attribute of ongoing, effective filtration. Especially in the highly turbid water conditions that prevail in NYC.

Low Maintenance:  The completely automated design assures minimal operator maintenance with labor savings year after year.

Small footprint, less water:  Hundreds, even thousands, of gallons a minute is filtered non-stop in equipment that takes up little space and requires minimal water for maintenance.

Field customer support:  Amiad's 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture, distribution and care of water filtration equipment worldwide, together with rapid response field support from BETTER WATERS and Amiad's own technical reps located throughout North America (including New York City), assure that every installation for every customer receives timely and knowledgeable support - at whatever level is required.


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Yankee Stadium

All water is filtered at the new Yankee Stadium. Eight Amiad® SAF6000 filters in parallel for 2000+ gpm.


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