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The Edge, Buildings 1 (800 gpm) and 4 (600 gpm)

At the Edge, Brooklyn, Building 1, an unusually high flow requirement - 800 gpm - and low incoming pressure - under 35 psi - are no problem:

Three Amiad SAF6000s in parallel, with a modest flush line pump to boost pressure during the staggered flush cycles.

At Building 4, 600 gpm is similarly handled using two Amiad SAF6000s.

Engineer: Edwards & Zuck

Architect: Steven B. Jacobs

Specification documents in BWProfessional.

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Information about water quality and related topics.  Media articles and environmental perspectives. Water Quality Reports from around the US.

Featured Case Study

Yankee Stadium

All water is filtered at the new Yankee Stadium. Eight Amiad® SAF6000 filters in parallel for 2000+ gpm.


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